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Chas Hands down the greatest Christian punk band. Prolific, really, in terms of quality and quantity of music. Punk rock that's played hard with honest, no-crap lyrics. A must hear!!! Favorite track: god is no cop.
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Rhez Relevant, passionate, fast, fun & catchy.

Sehr gut! Favorite track: Jesus was a refugee.
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music by keller & bender, lyrics by bender

(except 13., written by Suicidal Tendencies)

keller: drums + vocals - bender: guitars, bass + vocals

recorded, mixed and mastered 2014 at
K-Klangstudio, Hamburg by Ritchy Fondermann

Thanks to FatherSpiritSon! - - facebook/pryrhardcore


released January 18, 2015




Praiser Hamburg, Germany

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Track Name: border, what border?
01 border, what border?

I'm a child - of mother earth
i don't care - 'bout the land of my birth
i can go - whereever i want
and so can you - and everyone

look at the sky – infinity
and in the same way i'm feelin' free
your manmade boundaries – don't bother me
watch the horizon – there's no frontier to see

What border?
I don't care

i hereby declare:

that i don't care ( i don't care)
oh i don't care ( i don't care)
free like a bird
always and everywhere

no i don't care ( i don't care)
i don't care (i don't care)
fuck your fences
here and everywhere
Track Name: no christian country
02 no christian country

just because there's a so called christian party
and yeah, they teach religion in school
and you can visit a church once or twice a year
for christmas, a white wedding or a decent funeral

this is no christian country
no christian country!

a christian country would mean to help the poor
social justice, there's enough for all
no war, no military, blessed are the meak
noone's oppressed, and everybody's free

but in fact there won't be ever such thing
cause christianity is 'bout christ within
it's spiritual, it is in your heart
there's no connection between the state and god
Track Name: worship industry
03 worship industry

i went to a punkfestival
they offered delicious pizza
for a donation
so the poor could have some too

so many good bands
give their stuff away for free
as stream or even download
but not you

worship industry

no, you stream three songs out of ten
and you want even more cash than the rest
such a good running business
making money is what you do best

why keep it simple?
so it would seem like a basic thing
that everyone can join in
that everyone can understand

„no, let's make a science out of it
a big blown up corporation
with lots of stuff to buy
to show ones dedication“

and you're not playin services
you're playin „concerts“
and include all the rockstar clichee
crowd participation nonsense

worship industry
worship company
worship enterprise
it's time to let it die

do it like keith green
give good stuff away for free
yeah keith was advanced indeed
knew god would care for his needs
Track Name: you're out
04 you're out

you're too slow
you are out
you're too old
you are out
you're disabled
you are out
you're too weak
you are out

don't fit into our fast times
don't fit into our highspeed lanes
don't work effective enough
you're out! out out !
Track Name: god is no cop
05 god is no cop

god is no cop

god's no cop
he doesn't beat you with his baton
god's no cop
he doesn't watch you sceptical
god's no cop
he doesn't think 'bout laws all time
god's no cop
he doesn't rejoice when you fail

god - god's no cop
god's no cop
god's no cop

he is love

god's no cop
he doesn't decide without mercy
god's no cop
he doesn't hold laws over grace
god's no cop
he doesn't want you in prison
god's no cop
he loves a smile on your face

god's no....
Track Name: Jesus was a refugee
06 jesus was a refugee

Jesus was a refugee
in the land of egypt
Jesus was a refugee
in the land of egypt
his parents were refugees
in the land of egypt

and “This is what the Lord Almighty said: (Sacharia/zechariah 7, 8)

Administer true justice; show mercy and compassion to one another.
Do not oppress the widow or the fatherless, the foreigner or the poor.

Do not plot evil against each other.
Do not plot evil against each other.
Do not plot evil against each other.’
love your neighbour as yourself (Matthäus/Matthew 22, 39)
Track Name: your racist god
07 your racist god

You claim to be the superior because you're white
you think that you've god on your side
which god you're talkin about? the one from the holy word?
the christ who came from the middle east and looked like an arab?

the one who was jewish and spoke of love and peace?
who talked to the samaritans though they were the enemies?
who treated romans with respect the same as the zelot terrorists?
who only got angry when it came to religious fanatics?

tell me
about your racist god
cause it can't be
the one i'm talkin' of

don't you dare to abuse christ for your filth
Track Name: leave them alone
08 leave them alone

since forever
you persecuted them
as if you got
no other problems

instead of caring
bout your own ways
you were real eager
to preach to dykes and gays

leave the gays
leave the gays
leave the gays alone

leave the dykes...
leave the dykes...
leave the dykes alone

it's not your business
it's not your job
to judge and to be unkind
so you better stop

christ said: „love your neighbor
as you love yourself“
i can't see them doin' wrong
so you better save yourself from hell
Track Name: rabbi rabbi
09 rabbi rabbi

Rabbi rabbi
heal my soul
my twisted heart
so full of hell

of evil thoughts
wicked schemes
oh give me back
your jesus dreams

the holy ones
the good and pure
the view of light
that shall endure

with eyes peered on
you, christ alone
looking straight forward
to your throne

rabbi rabbi
Track Name: Flucht
10 Flucht

Die kleine Familie
kommt nur schwer voran
der Junge ist ein Säugling
sie müssen ihn tragen
doch dann ist es geschafft
die Grenze hinter ihnen
nach all den Strapazen
das Ziel das sie verdienen

da wo sie herkamen
lauerten Todesgefahren
und schon von Anfang an
wollte sie niemand haben
sie war schwanger doch man sagte:
„Die Wohnungen sind knapp -
es gibt noch nen Container
am Rande der Stadt!“

und jetzt atmen sie auf
endlich haben sie Ruhe
da sagt der Herr vom Amt
„wir könn'n nix für sie tun.
Sie müssen wieder geh'n -
zurück in ihr Land.
Der Bus steht vor der Tür.
Der Flug geht dann um acht“

und Maria schaut zu Josef
und die Augen werden nass
"Sag mir was wir tun sollen
ich habe einfach keine Kraft!"
und Josef schaut Maria an
und sagt: "Ich weiss es nicht..."
fängt zu zittern an und Tränen
laufen ihm über's Gesicht

alle Hoffnung lag darauf
dem Grauen zu entkommen
doch statt freundlichen Worten
haben sie nur Kälte bekommen
„So sind nun mal die Regeln,
die Gesetze dieses Staats.
Es tut uns leid doch wir schieben sie
und mitsamt ihrem Kind ab!“

Matthäus 2, 13
Als die Sterndeuter abgereist waren, erschien Josef im Traum ein Engel des Herrn und sagte: »Steh auf, nimm das Kind und seine Mutter und flieh nach Ägypten! Bleib dort, bis ich dir neue Anweisungen gebe8. Denn Herodes wird das Kind suchen lassen, weil er es umbringen will.«
14 Da stand Josef mitten in der Nacht auf und machte sich mit dem Kind und dessen Mutter auf den Weg nach Ägypten.
Track Name: it wasn't god
11 it wasn't god

god provided this earth
with enough for all to eat
so if people starve

it wasn't god
it was us

and god said: „thou shall not kill“
and „blessed be the meak“
so if there's murder and war

it wasn't god
it was us

it wasn't god
it wasn't god
it wasn't god
it wasn't god

it's your choice
you got a free will
to let live
or to kill

it's your choice
your mind's awake
to give
or to take
Track Name: christian leader
12 christian leader

christian leader
full of crap
christian leader
leave me be
christian leader
spare your words
christian leader
i won't hear em

shinin' on the outside
but inside you're rotten and cold
treatin' people even worse
than any godless one could do

yeah your PR works so well
your marketing is great
but i look behind your mask
and i know that you're a fake

change your own life
and shut up
Track Name: i call on you
14 i call on you

I call on you when i don't feel anything at all
i seek your face when i feel like i'm goin' to fall
i run to you when the clouds clothe themselves in black
i need your help when my life seems to be painted black

in times of darkness
i need your light
when i can't see anything at all
you'll be my guide
but not only in desperation
also in great times
i will always depend on you
and that's alright

glory to god through our lord for eternity