Pentecoast Hardcore

by Praiser

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ray_izzy_nice Auf Deutsche, or in English,..this band puts Yeshua, (a Jew named "Salvation" who you might call Jesus) first! He's God's Son! I was so happy to find "Praiser"! Their raw energy is second only to their lyrics! I feel like I'm a teenager who just discovered "The Lead"! I'm proud to call them Mispocheh and Chaverim, beloved family & friends! ✝️🤣🎸✡️OY!! 🤜🤛 💙 Favorite track: It's not cool to love Jesus.
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Stay on the path holiness is what i long for shinin' on the inside filled up with what is good enlightment through Christ, our lord bringing back my peace my love, my hope, my joy i stay on the path i focus on the goal this world's not my home this world is so broken i follow you Christ in humble love and trust you are my past my presence and my future
Embrace the light heading forward straight into the glance neverending sun master of aeons i follow you trust your wisdom i follow you trust your love i follow you (and) your forgiveness embrace the light in your eternity i'll dwell Christ you're everything to me you're glorious, you shine and shine forever, i am yours forever embrace the light
S.P.I.R.I.T: S soft and kind  comforter of souls P praise and prayer guidance and support I inspiration whispering in our hearts R restoration renewing what was harmed S.P.I.R.I.T. everything we need I identiy in Christ we are reborn T thunder and lightning the biggest force of all S.P.I.R.I.T. everything we need Spirit Holy Spirit God's own Spirit down here in this mess Spirit Holy Spirit creator's Spirit down in this darkness Spirit Holy Spirit God's own Spirit down here in this mess Spirit Holy Spirit Father's Spirit down in this darkness
Father from above for a second i can't see you anymore and now you look kinda different but you only changed my perspective by holding me in a new way you are watching over me not like Orwell but in love you take care of my life you're the father from above you let go so i can find my own path still behind me taking care i won't fall never forcing, you don't want to hurt always listening to me when i call you are watching... you would never give me anything that damages me and you don't hold me in prison but let me live my life free you can take it when i'm screaming like hell or ranting and gnarling like a teenage rebell
Prevail God, i need your power your strength, your wisdom, your guidance right in my heart Spirit, show me the way how to live this life - how to prevail in this world hideous demons appear every day darkness tries so hard to lead me astray tries to break my will, my spirit, my soul Jesus Christ help me, save me from this hell eyes peered at you just see me through a spiritual war i focus on you
t's not cool to love Jesus I'm sick of it christian hipsters tryin' to sell Jesus as the latest trend as if it was stylish kinda scene as if a lover of Christ could be the world's friend we print our shirts we write our songs we wanna fit to everyone but in the end we know it's like it's always been following the Christ is goin' against the stream it's not cool to love Jesus if you want 1000 friends better go somewhere else and i'm not talking about being a bible basher a religious hard heart a hypocritical law enforcer Jesus was with the outcast with the ones who didn't fit his teachings were provoking: "blessed are the meak" he didn't try to suit anyone he walked his own way he shocked the religious elite and irritated Pilate his teachings were revolutionary not only for his time but following him through the ages often meant to die it's not cool to love Jesus
Feel the touch of God Shine eternal sun rays of light embracing my soul Rise divine ocean waters of silence forever peace feel the touch of God feel the power of God Speak voice like a storm words of power universal master Embrace energize the soul Spirit enlightened home at last feel the touch of God feel the power of God all darkness leaves inhale the Holy Spirit and i will exhale love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and faithfulness
Lonnie Frisbee Lonnie Frisbee was annointed Lonnie Frisbee slept with men wasn't God who ended it it was the church who kicked him out erased him from their history forgot his name, these hypocrites Lonnie Frisbee was a preacher Lonnie Frisbee he was gay wasn't God who said: No it was the church who got rid of him erased... Lonnie died in 93 i'm sure he's now with Christ for eternity
Spiritual music spiritual music it's a need spiritual music important indeed encouragement fuels our hope opens our hearts connects us to God worship's eternal (still) will be in heaven music's divine (done) by humans and angels so all our praise goes out to Christ our adoration to the Messiah this is spiritual not for your materialistic world this is spiritual a realm beyond hearing and sight this is spiritual you can't touch it, it's still there this is spiritual in our hearts in our souls in our minds in our spirits every breath every thought our whole being our whole life everywhere
A light to see a fallen world a dying planet creation's suffering wants to end it plants and animals humanity long so for a light to see God you'll wipe away every tear death will be gone forever no more pain -no more mourning no crying ever to be heard
tired I'm so tired dont know why i'm so tired damn i cry Lord where did my power go my energy, i miss it so feelin' weak feelin' slow feelin' tired hate it so renew oh renew my soul refresh oh refresh it all i'm so tired i'm so bloody tired
Where are your beliefs? Sister Rosetta Tharpe praised the Lord with her white Gibson SG and some early rock Elvis sang on TV : „Peace In The Valley“ and Little Richard recorded: „Ride On King Jesus“ Jerry Lee Lewis went to bible school ok he left it later for rock'n'roll and Johnny Cash knew much about the Lord called him the greatest cowboy of them all so what about you why are you so insecure? where are your ideals where are your beliefs? Mahalia Jackson had an awesome voice still refused to sing secular tunes George Harrison went spiritual Hare Hare, "My Sweet Lord" was in his soul The Who acknowledged Meher Baba "Bargain", "See Me Feel Me", Looking At You with punk the Bad Brains spread the Rastafari thoughts and Ray Today and Cro-Mags mixed Krishna with hardcore so what about you why are you so insecure? where are your ideals where are your beliefs? Sun Ra, Aretha Franklin Bob Marley John Coltrane Bob Dylan Hank Williams for sure but you only care bout what people might have thought
Unconditional love there's no way that you might lose my support excluded from the possible that you might lose my love no matter what you did whatever you might do i am with you - i will hold you i will see you through as you stumble as you fall as you truly miss the goal as you betray me, murder me i still save you from hell cause you can't earn my friendship you can't buy or steal my love it is free, unconditional a gift from above stay close to me hold my hand i carry you until the end there is no chance i might leave you you're my dearest you're my love unconditional love


Praiser presents: Pentecoast Hardcore

2019 is an important year for us: Praiser celebrates its 10th anniversary and also longtime friendships that startet 20 and 15 years ago.

So we are heading „back to the roots“ (a bit) with this new album.
There are 13 songs to listen to that are more hardcore and lyricwise it's more worship and praise (befitting our bandname) like when we first started in early 2000.

The lyrics are available next to the bandcamp tracks or as a pdf as part of the album download.

As always we give you the album for „pay what you want“ - feel free to take it for free, it's yours, keep it :)

The album was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Ritchy Fondermann at K-Klangstudio, Hamburg, Germany in September 2019.

The snare sounds awesome (again) because 'Adoro Drums' borrowed us one of their fantastic products.

The nice coverpainting has been created by El Greco in 1597. It's called Pentecostés and we only use one part of the original.

We thank God - this time especially for 10 years of Praiser and also our families and friends who keep supporting us.


Praiser präsentieren: Pentecoast Hardcore

2019 ist ein wichtiges Jahr für uns: Praiser feiern den 10. Geburtstag und außerdem langjährige Freundschaften, die vor 20 bzw. 15 Jahren begannen.

Grund genug mit einem neuen Album ein bisschen back to the roots zu gehen.

13 frische Songs sind am Start, die eindeutig wieder mehr Hardcore sind und textlich einen hohen Anbetungs- + Preis-Faktor haben, dem Namen entsprechend und so wie wir Anfang der 2000er auch gestartet sind.

Die Texte gibt’s neben den Tracks oder als PDF im Album-Download.

Wie immer gibt’s alles für „zahl was du willst“, fühlt euch frei einfach ne Null einzutippen.

Produziert, aufgenommen, gemischt und gemastered wurde abermals im K-Klangstudio in Hamburg von Ritchy Fondermann im September 2019.

Den erfreulich guten Klang der Snare verdanken wir zusätzlich Adoro Drums, die uns selbige zur Verfügung stellten.

Das schöne Covergemälde hat der gute El Greco 1597 gemalt, es heißt Pentecostés und wir nutzen nur einen Ausschnitt.

Wir danken Gott, auch und besonders für die 10 Jahre Praiser und unseren Familien und Freunden, die uns supporten.


released October 25, 2019

André: Drums, Vocals, Shouts
Robin: Bass, Shouts
Marcus: Guitar., Vocals, Shouts

all music written by Praiser
all lyrics written by Marcus




Praiser Hamburg, Germany

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