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by Preacher

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1st record of the pre-Praiser Band Preacher

recorded and mixed at K-Klangstudios, Hamburg by Ritchy Fondermann


released January 1, 2007

Songs and Lyrics by Preacher




Praiser Hamburg, Germany

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Track Name: one god, no masters
oh please do me a favour
and shut the damn fuck up
can't hear it anymore
what you have got to say

yeah you have so much wisdom
please keep it for yourself
i follow jesus christ
and i follow noone else

no masters
one god
no masters

yeah this leader's got knowledge
and the other one too
and so they spread their message
and tell everyone the news

but who is right and who is wrong
and who gives them the right
to think they know it all
and to guide us to the light

no more

leave me alone
you're only humans
so many changed
or left the track
i follow jesus
i follow god
i trust his words
and in your words i trust not!
Track Name: superior
man of art
think you're so unique
and all the others are crap


think you're on the good side
and your words are allways right


i don't need no elite
no matter where it comes from
i don't need noone who claims to be above the rest

think you know the bible
and all your teachings are right

Track Name: lost all control
i feel so wasted in my soul
sick of this shit that i've been told
empty and out of energy
jesus, i need you to be free

i am so dark inside myself
i don't know what to do
i feel so down, so far from god
yeah i lost all control
i need a change inside
to do the things that will bring gain
i don't want to do crap
that is simply in vain

i know what's wrong and what is right
but i do things born from the night
seein' myself drowning in shit
lord, i want my life to succeed
Track Name: hit the brakes
hit the brakes
when your life's out of control
hit the brakes
when you're heading towards the wall
hit the brakes
when your speed is way to high
brake brake....

hit the brakes
when you feel confused and lost
hit the brakes
when sleep's what your missing most
hit the brakes
when you can't take it nomore
brake brake....

go and slow down my friend
nothing is that important
that it should wreck your life
hit the brakes
say you need a time-out
some rest is what it's all about
don't care what others think
hit the brakes

hit the brakes
when your mind is just a mess
hit the brakes
when you're feelin' trashed and stressed
hit the brakes
when you feel you're losin' life

hit the brakes
livin' fast might seem to rule
hit the brakes
but dying young is not that cool
hit the brakes
and dare to grow old in style
Track Name: stupid punk
you can say what you want
and i shall shut my mouth
spread your message on the earth
and i shall shut my mouth
you talk of freedom of speech and life
and i shall shut my mouth
you talk bout tolerance for others
and i shall shut my mouth

you stupid punk
you don't live at all what you preach
your pride
makes you so sure
so self-convinced
thinking you're always right

you harass christians all the time
but i shall shut my mouth
no matter how they live or what they're like
and i shall shut my mouth
i got a message of love and hope
and i shall shut my mouth
you're spreading so much hate and frustration
and i shall shut my mouth

oh yeah
rebell guy
start to change things or shut up
and stop
pointing at me
cause you don't really know how i really am
Track Name: tits
everywhere tits
i'm so sick of it
i don't wanna grow dull
on the charms of girls

in every zine just tits
in every movie tits
on recordcovers, posters, online
i'm so sick of it

i'm so sick of it

get a fuckin' t-shirt
sex sells shit!
get a fuckin' t-shirt
sex sells only shit!
Track Name: sick of porn
i don't need you naked
i don't want your tits
i don't want to see you suck
and i don't want your clit

i'm so sick of porn

i don't want to see you fuck
don't want you to undress
i don't want to hear you scream
or see your pretty ass

i'm so sick of porn...

porn makes me feel lonely
porn poisons my heart
porn is just one big fake
and it tears true love apart
porn destroys my faithfulness
and my respect for girls
and all it ever did
was killin' hearts in this world
Track Name: my pride
it's Jesus Christ
of whom i'm speaking
the greatest person
that has ever been
and i'm so proud
so fucking proud
to be his friend
to be known by him

is beautiful
so kind
and so pure
in all his thoughts
free from darkness

some may think
that christ is cruel
'cause of all the pain
that's in this world
but we
we are the ones
who hurt each other
in every possible way

and god
he's full of light
so precious
and so nice
it's my choice
whom i will follow
and i will follow him

my pride
is to know jesus
the greatest
a man can know
my pride
is to be his child
loved by a father
who's truly good
Track Name: i don't even wanna smile
Hey, Jesus Christ is great
I won't say anything else
but man, is that a reason
to grin and laugh all day?
I take a look around
and it just breaks my heart
people dying every day
and suffer far from love

and you grin
and you laugh
because your life is so damn cool

have you been in the streets for a while?
man, I don't even wanna smile

an old dunkard's layin'
right in front of my door
so many people in my quarter
are so goddamn poor
everyday i read about
broken lifes in my town
i can't consider life as great
while all these people drown

well you grin
and you laugh
because you are so richly blessed

have you watched the news in a while?
man, I won't even smile
Track Name: ellbows
highest position in the enterprise
big boss - big income - just built up on lies
you're not here because of your love for the world
you knew how to use ellows - so your pockets get filled

in their faces
beat' em down
you are
faster stronger
you will wear the crown

for the people you claim to fight
but in fact you want the highest price
the money and the fame no matter what it costs
to be above others is what you're seekin most


love your neighbour as yourself
is not what you would live
cause with a heart like that you would
stop to take and start to give
you'd never be where you are
if you loved mankind
you're playin' in the asshole-league
poor of those who are kind
Track Name: your support
in your eyes
'mongst all these lies
more than enough
god faith
in you my god

i will follow you
no matter where to go
i will stand up strong

to be close to you jesus
is all for what i long

inside myself
actoins of hell
your blood
i need it lord
thank you
for your support
Track Name: my everything
not alone
on my way
you're my friend to whom i pray
may it be dark
no sun anymore
you fill my heart with light

you're my only hope
to much
with which i can't cope

falling down
standing again
i know my searching was not in vain
you're so kind
you're so strong
you have everything for what my heart longs

you're my everything
noone else i call my king

i love you jesus
you are all i will ever need
Track Name: heart in flames
Jesus, all i know is
I will stay with you
well everybody's talkin'
'bout how to live with you
oh, I can't stand them anymore
these fights about your word
oh Lord, I wanna focus on you
and do the things I've heard

I love you
I love you, Jesus Christ
I need you
I need you by my side
without you I am nothing
with you all things are possible
I grab your hand and hold it tight
you set my heart in flames

Jesus, all I see is
you are truly good
so kind, so peaceful, bringing hope
paid my soul with your blood
I don't wanna hear anything
except what you've got so say
oh help me God to end this race
and to stay on your ways
Track Name: you're my father
from the first day you were there
cared for my life everywhere
been a shelter in dark hours
you're my dad and you got power
i love you, 'couse you are great
i trust you and not damn fate
and i hide behind your back
when darkness is ready for attack

you're my father

who can compare to your strength?
who would dare to fight against you?
only fallen angels do
and you defeat them through and through
in your presence the sun shines
the night is over for all times
i'm so happy you are here
at your side daddy there's no fear
Track Name: holy spirit
holy spirit
guide my ways
holy spirit
you are so beautiful
holy spirit
take full control
i jast wanna do the things
that you are striving for

you live in me
and that is great
i wanna stop
doin' all that you hate
rule everything
you are so wise
i want to leave behing
what you despise

holy spirit
you are the best
you've filled my heart
and now i am blessed
i focus my view
just on you
you are amazing
lovely and true

your heart shall be mine
lead me holy spirit
Track Name: when does protest turn into oppression
they steal bibles from our stand
disturb a concert of my band
think' they are freedom spreading beings
intolerance is all i'm seing

when does protest turn into oppression?

they don't want our acts in their zines
but paid advertisments are still fine
they fight us on the internet
don't want our concerts in their squats

when does...

tell lies in indymedia threads
but point their fingers at the yellow press

and if you had a gun
you'd force me to be like you
and if your group was bigger
you'd force me to live a life like you