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First Praiser album, free of course, enjoy


released February 24, 2010

Bender, Keller




Praiser Hamburg, Germany

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Track Name: 01 All my love
all my love for jesus
all my love for christ
in my deepest darkness
he is still the light

i will never turn away
never change my style
forever with jesus christ
till the day i die

i don't give a shit my dear
what this world's about
it's full of lies, filled with crap
it's wrecked, i got no doubt

it screams and yells so you might follow
its road to sorrow and grief
masked with bright lights and nice faces
but its heart is rotten,
it's a thief

and i know who to trust
whom i will follow
it's jesus - jesus christ
my lord and my saviour


i love you jesus
i love you jesus
you are my best friend christ
you are truly my life
Track Name: 02 How
you think it's not important
how we treat this planet
the end will come anyway
and everything goes down

but i believe that god made it
and he said it was good
so how can you be so disrespectful
and dont give a crap at all

how is it possible that you dont care
is it possibel - i dont understand

and his word tells us all the time
that workers should be paid fair
treated with dignity
and that we shall care about the poor

but you still buy your clothes
made by children in bangladesh
sewn by exploited workers in china
do you call this christian?


and how do they treat the animals
you have for lunch daily?
might it be possible
that they lived a life in torchure
do you think god created pigs
chicken and cows to suffer?
to be treated like shit with no love at all
so you can consume more and more

i dont get it
i dont get it

if you don't respect gods creation
how can you say you respect him
Track Name: 03 In your hands
it's jesus christ

you are the greatest
no matter what they say
those oh so wisdomfilled people
i know you are the way
opinions come, opinions go
you'll always stay the same

saviour of the world

i commend my life
in your hands jesus christ
i dont want it back

this life's not easy
and it wasn't for you
but there are better days to come
i know that its the truth
you are my hope
your future is my destination

i wont look back

i commend my life
in your hands jesus christ
i dont need it back

this world is wrecked
everywhere i see
loneliness, sadness and pain

we try so hard
to ignore the darkness of this place
it's in vain

how can they say
that this life is pretty
when each day 's full of grief

how can they act
as if everything is ok
while we are ruled by liars and thieves?

there's only one hope
only one way to ease the pain
i trust in the lord

well, some might think
that i'm a idiot
but what solution do they've got?

its jesus christ
Track Name: 04 You still hate
there're maybe three verses in the whole bible
talkin about this topic
but you are acting as if
it's the main thing of our faith

it's not part of the ten commandments
jesus didn't say a word bout it
and there are tons of other instructions
you consider now to be obsolete

but you still hate gays and lesbians
you still hate gays and lesbians
you still hate gays and lesbians

and i wonder how suprised you will be
when you enter heaven - oh you will see
and you shall know: god loves them so
and what you did to them, wasnt what christ would do

what jesus would do

jesus said "all commandmends are fullfilled
by loving god more than all
and loving your neighbour as yourself"
so how does being gay do any wrong?

and you say "it's ok today for women to have short hair"
and you eat all kind of meat
"and it all has to be seen in the context it was written"
but in that case you're so keen

oh, surprise surprise
guess what i found
there are other things all over the bible

from the old testament
to the new testament
it seems that they make god real angry

and i'm talkin bout greed
and i'm talkin bout hate
and i'm talkin bout adultery

and i'm talkin bout murder
and i'm talkin bout envy
and about hypocrisy

and what's about
oh the western world's so cursed
and what's about anger
what's about discord
oh your own plank doesn't disturb

and guess what
the whole word is full
of godly zeal for justice
for helping the poor
paying your workers fair
why do you never talk about this?

oh you try the easy way
a modern witch hunt
bashing those who are not like you

you will have to realize
what you did for ages
was not the way of god
Track Name: 05 Come
come and fill my feelings
come and fill my thoughts
come soak my whole being
drench me in the goodness you provide

let me see with your eyes
and listen like you do
speak the words you wanna say
today and forevermore

holy spirit
you're highly welcome
to take over
and do what you want to do
holy spirit
you are high above all
the light in my soul
and never will i leave you

holy spirit

ignite me with your mercy
burn me with your love
i will be on fire
enlightened by your glory

i need you more than all
i seek you more than all
you're all my soul desires
and i leave my whole life in your hands
Track Name: 06 Christian Punk
you say "punk and christianity
will never work together"
but i dont give a crap
bout what you think my dear

i know lots of christians
who stayed more true to the ways of punk
than some of your great scene-friends
who forgot it all, since they turned thirtyone

i dont care
i dont care bout what you say

and i walk my own way
and i think i like the idea
of anarchism and of thinkin' for myself
but you tell me that i'm not real?

just because someone said "no gods no masters"
you repeat it again and again
well that looks truly like you're thinkin' for yourself
phrases and songlyrics are all you got man

i dont care...

oh, and bands that that care only bout hc-scene and music
still play in your squats
but whenever there are christians with political ideals
you are a coward, cancel gigs and put us all into one box

so if you think that i am no punk
i dont give a shit
and if you think that i am no anarchist
i dont give a shit

i deny racism and sexism makes me puke
and i dont need homophobia
i want justice, no oppression
and the reason i am thinkin' like this is

that i love god
Track Name: 07 The devils work
all wickedness is the devils work
so how can you be so supportive
and praise him in your lyrics?
put him on your recordcovers?

hitler - did the devils work
stalin - did the devils work
Kim Jong-il does the devils work
so how can you support him too?

all cruelety is born from him
all suffering and dying and pain
every tear that's been shed, every heart that's been broken
every life that ever went black

childmurderers - do the devils work
wifebeaters - do the devils work
sexists and rapists - do the devils work
and you wanna support him too?

he gets no respect from me
he gets no support from me
i refuse to walk his path
i refuse to be his friend
i refuse his thoughts and plans
i hate everything he says
i call him my enemy
and far from him - thats were i wanna be

oh you think he's somehow cool
or it might be provoking
to make some christians feel bad
how can you be so stupid?

this worlds leaders do the devils work
and the financial power does the devils work
all unjustice and greed is the devils work
and you still wanna be like him too?

religion does the devils work
yeah the church often does the devils work
you and i do the devils work
every time someone gets hurt
Track Name: 08 imagine john l. was wrong
imagine there's no heaven
it's easy if you try
no hell to fear below us
it's all over when you die
oh yeah, come on, imagine
that everything turns black
after you had your short time here
a grave, a stone, that's it

and i say
no no no no no no no
i say
no no no no no no no

i would become depressive
if that was all to come
eighty years pass so damn fast
and then there's just a tomb?
all existence extinguished
just one unfair try to live
if you had luck it was ok
if not it was just shit

and i say...

man i would puke
if that was life
but i believe
in jesus christ
i'd kill myself
if that was all
but eternal remains my soul
Track Name: 09 Not my god
i didn't burn a witch
and i don't plan to do so
shot no abortion doctor
nor hated any gays

i did not start a war
and claimed it was the will of god
i blessed no bomb
or abused any church power

i don't know which god
told them to act that cruel

i'm sure it was not my god
i'm sure it was not my god
i'm sure it was not my god
so leave me alone

cuz the god i believe in
loves every human being
and when he came down to earth
he showed so much mercy

for those threatened by the religious
and he was angry about everyone
who dared to abuse his name
for personal fame and wealth

i don't know which god
Track Name: 10 Focus on christ
no religion
no politics
no girl nor boy
no punkmusic

no vision and
no preaching job
no social work
no "fuck the cops"

nothing is more important
nothing is more important
nothing is more important
than jesus christ

and with him i can feed the hungry
and with him i can clothe the poor
and with him i'll be out for justice
and with him achieve even more
and with him i can build his kingdom
and with him i can change it all
and with him there will be real peace
real love real joy -
no night forevermore