Blessed be the punk

by Praiser

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Second album, recorded in real nice quality. Oh, and free of course.


released August 3, 2010

Bender, Keller




Praiser Hamburg, Germany

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Track Name: 01 Prayer from the heart
holy... holy... holy...

i bow down and i seek your face
knowing you'll answer, you're full of grace
mercy you showed me and love every day
and i know i won't walk any other way

oh my god
i belong
to you
oh my god
i will stay
with you
oh my god
you are all i need

your presence
is all i seek

and forevermore
shall i dwell in your light

always right at your side

oh god i seek
to see your church
right here as was meant to be
the blind ones see
the sick bein' healed
the dead risen and the gifts of your spirit right on the streets
the gospel preached
and love that everyone can see
oh god help us to believe
Track Name: 02 It is hell
there is a darkness
i can almost touch it
and i don't want it god
i'll fight it in your name

hey holy spirit
soak me through and through
every breath i take
shall be filled by you

i refuse the night
i refuse the devils light
it's misleading it is blinding
it is murderous, it is binding
i refuse his ways
i refuse all that he says
it's confusing it is poison
it's a sickness it's a prison

demons depart
in the name of christ
you got no power
cause he owns my life

hey jesus jesus
i keep my eyes on you
your name is so powerful
nothing they can do

I refuse the night...'s a prison - cell

it is hell
it is hell

but i am protected by christ
in him nothing can harm my life
Track Name: 03 Where is my hope
i take a look around
with open eyes
all i see is a wickedness
that i despise
and i know i'm part of it
doin' wrong each day
i wish i could spread my arms
and simply fly way

i see people filled with grief
depression and sorrow
frustrated cause they realized
this world is goin' down
the evil reign merciless
don't care about the cries
and those who can't defend themselves
are bound to suffer 'n' die

where is my hope?
where is my hope?
where is my peace?
where is my peace?
where is the power that is ending this disease?
where is my joy?
where is my joy?
where is the love?
where is the love?
all i know is: i got one help
it's gods help from above

from above

right in this moment children starve
there's nothing to eat
it sounds like a cliche
it's sad we're getting used to it
right in this moment
wars are fought that no one needs
and the warmongers
don't care about their deeds

and i hear people cryin'
in this town each night
because they hit the floor
and the end of their tunnel shows no light
where is that social system
that was meant to help?
it's like it's always been
some rule and others live in hell

where is my hope...

and i can try to help

and i can try to change
the things that i don't like
but the wickedness is overwhelming
Track Name: 04 I praise god
i might be drunken sometimes
might have done wrong to girls
i might have been confused and lost
might have treated people bad

and i might have disobeyed
when the lord spoke to my heart
but whatever happened in my life

i praise god
i praise god
and nothing will ever hinder me
from loving God

and others might have hurt me
things went down the drain
and it wasn't like i wanted it to be
and some efforts seemed in vain

and there also were seasons of light
sunny days that blessed my heart
but even in the darkest times

i praise god...
and nothing will ever separate me
from my god

i don't say that life is easy
i don't say that it's always bright
and it's not simply neat and clean
or only black and white

but i do love my saviour
no matter what may come
in his wounds my ones will heal too
and all the hurt i've done
Track Name: 05 Suits and ties
oh so superficial
you see someone with tattoos
and you think you have to be aware
cause he might do harm to you
but in fact it's mostly those who seem
to be harmless and so smart
they are the ones without a conscience
the ones without a heart

who starts wars?
suits and ties
who's leading in crime?
suits and ties
who makes thousands unemployed?
suits and ties

who's corrupt?
suits and ties
words full of crap
suits and ties
who's always wearing a disguise?
suits and ties

yeah they look so convincing
oh you can trust their ways
but they fail lots of decisions
that end so many peoples days
and you - you still believe them
cause you judge others by their look
it's so easy to betray you dude
and to get you on the hook

who let's the third world die?
suits and ties
who betrays his wife?
suits and ties
and behind nice curtains beats up his child
suits and ties

and the wild looking punks
you look down at with despise
work in old peoples homes
or take care of a disabled child
are teachers or educators
try to live for things that count
and it seems that in their heart
some love for people can be found
Track Name: 06 To be alive
all the beauty in this world
we can see it if we try
midst the darkness of each day
there's a light that's shinin' bright

may it be a simple smile
some kind words said right on time
colors of a sunset-sky
the feeling to be alive

grief and pain are all around
we see it daily in the news
but open eyes for the good side
is a gift we shouldn't lose

singin' birds up in the trees
drivin' at night on lonely streets
showin' someone that you care
dancin' to a rockin' beat

don't be consumed by despair
there is still some hope to keep
though the night seems everywhere
there's a joy no one can take

cause i focus on the goal
keep my eyes straight on the price
a world without wickedness
in the presence of the christ
Track Name: 07 Liberty
holy holy holy
holy is the lord
god i wanna praise your name
with every word and thought
i offer you everything
all my life's about
for you i will give it all
and for you i will shout
out loud:

hey you better recognize
jesus christ is here
with love and mercy, hope and peace
to take away our fears
hey come on stop to complain
he came to set us free
it's not bout one more prison
but about real liberty


glory glory glory
glory to you lord
jesus you are marvelous
and all the things you've taught
i give it all into your hands
you heal, you don't bring hurt
for you i will live my life
and spread the good things
i have heard
Track Name: 08 Thieves
there was a time
when no one wanted to live here
still it was good enough
for the old, the unemployed, the students
for migrants, artists, poor families
but now it seems that things have changed
those who made this quarter beautiful
are disseized by the rising rents

you are just
and you should be treated like
and it's not that you steal cause you're in need
but you take and take just because of your greed

and you act so self-righteous
as if the others are the ones to blame
when they show resistance and anger
you try to appear innocent and tame
but you are the monster
that came and destroyed everything
you are the ones who caused sadness and pain
you are the ones who took their lives away

you are just...

oh and i read your interviews
you are so shocked because of the riots
and you can't stand em anymore
don't want destruction in your quarter
but i tell you a little secret my friend
it's never been your quarter in the end
you simply came here some years ago
and you took it without asking

so you will
see the riots
and you will
feel the wrath
and you better
stop complaining
cause it's you
who started it

and you will
see it burning
all the homes / this quarter
you took by force
and you will
look in the eyes
of all those
you have stolen from
Track Name: 09 Greater than the world
oh god this world is overwhelming
too much pain and too much grief
it looks like there's no chance to change it
and we are ruled by liars and thieves

oh god so many people suffer
their lives are wrecked, heading towards death
and i don't know how to react
feelin' so helpless, small and weak

but you are greater than the world
you got a plan for everyone
you got solutions and a heart so full of love and mercy
so show us what has to be done

i wanna change the world
i wanna see a change
i wanna change the world today

hey i cant stand this crap
this pain and all this sorrow
i wanna change the world today

i know you're full of love
i know you're full of grace
i wanna change the world today

and yeah we are the ones
the ones you want to use
i wanna change the world today

oh god the pain will not endure
i know the future will be yours
all evil will be gone
your peace will reign forevermore
Track Name: 10 Child
i hear you cryin' in the darkness
feelin' so alone and down
nobody seems to care about you
and your sun is always gone

can't you see
little child
that i'm always here for you
you shall know
that i died
so you might feel no more blue

and that my love will see you through

i see the fears and doubts inside you
wondering if i really care
but i assure i am with you
and that i'll be always there

can't you see
little child
i won't ever let you down
you shall know
that i died
so that you won't have to drown

so that your pain will be gone

and if you were the only person
that is still alive in this world
i would give it all for you
bless you richly straight from my heart
child i cared, right from your start

this place here is not forever
and a better world's soon to come
full of my richness and my love
and all pain and grief will be gone

you will see
little child
things that words cannot express
you will feel
that i live
and forever you will be blessed

and your heart will find its rest
Track Name: 11 Blessed be the punk
blessed be the punk
who tries to kick our butts all time
blessed be those anarchists
who use the web to spread lies
blessed be the squatters
who will never let us play
blessed be those
who don't care if we're political

blessed be those zine dudes
who don't give us room to speak
and write a lot of crap
about christian bands indeed
blessed be the aggressive ones
who think we're all the same
accuse us of bein' sexist, racist
'n' homophobe in gods name

blessed be the ones who fight against us
god, please bless our enemies
blessed be those who hate and despise us
god, please bless those people - who act against me

blessed be the ones
who think that we're completely dumb
and that we don't know anything
don't understand the mockery that's goin' on
blessed be the ones
who look down at me
who feel so superior
show their contempt for me

blessed be the ones
who think they know it all
because they heard slime or amebix
and read nitzsche and some marx
blessed be the ones
who want to be individual
ask for respect all the time
but can't show any at all

blessed are ....

and no, this isn't bitterness
and it's no irony
i think it is the only way
for me to live free
free from anger, free from hate
free from the will to beat
the crap out of those people
who're simply unfair and mean
Track Name: 12 Justice
(you) live for power
(you) live for wealth
(you) live for success
beat down everyone else
(you) live for fame
greed is your fuel
(you'll) never (be) satisfied
it's all empty you fool

yeah you feast on the poor
beat down those who seem weak
you oppress and you exploit
but there's a day we all do seek

how can you think
that there's no price to pay
all you've reached will be nothing
when you will fade away

embrace decay

you're so proud
you're so cold
(you) spit at those
whose lives you've sold
without mercy
you lead this land
your enterprise, your church
(but) everything will end

and you feast on the small ones
who are already wrecked
you destroy and abuse
but your future will be black


embrace decay

or you will pay
if you want to survive
change your ways