by Praiser

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Recorded in July 2011, good things take their time


released July 17, 2013

Thanks to the One and only, and Tiegervogel




Praiser Hamburg, Germany

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Track Name: Number one
If this band is more important
i flush it down the toilet
if my style is more important
i'd rather wear „suits and ties“

if the „jesus freaks“ are more important
i better stay away from them
if my records are more important
i break them and throw them in the garbage can

cause jesus
is number one
for all times

is number one
and nothing
has the right to take his place

if any human is more important
i better stay alone
if an attractive job is more important
i'd rather do the crap work instead

if political actions are more important
it's not my revolution
if anything is more important
it's time to go an let it die
Track Name: The beginning
For this is the beginning
The downfall of men
In pride and craving despicable self

Rest ones faith in oneself
rest assured
Rest now and never wake up
Mankind thrives on death.

Rest ones faith in oneself
rest assured
Rest now and never wake up
Mankind thrives on death.
Track Name: Habits
I don't wanna die
but i sometimes i can't stand this life
where is the fire
the fire i was waiting for?

Daily grind
nothing changes
every sunday
the same sermons

tons of books
about visions
but reality
seems so different

i once had a dream
to see gods beauty everywhere
i once had a dream
to lose all fear and start to dare
i once had a dream
to see smilin' the broken ones
i once had a dream
the kids might know that there's another chance

we are stuck in our habits
work, church, hobbies, watching tv
while the real adventure with jesus christ
runs through our hands like sand - why don't we see
Track Name: All i need
When i inhale
i wanna inhale you – holy spirit
and when i exhale
i want to exhale you – holy spirit

i wanna be drenched by you
and every word i say
and every thought i have
shall be filled with your presence

take this weak heart
and fill it with your life
take this mortal soul
and soak it with your fire

you live in me
i dwell in you

all i need
is you
Track Name: Glance
hey hey politician
so great what you achieved
by lyin' and bein' a jerk
with no heart indeed

but you still got not
power over me

hey hey police officer
nice uniform you wear
you represent the law
by making homeless people leave

you still got no
power over me

hey hey beloved preacher
who knows the word so well
who likes the limelight and the glory
can't admit when he fell

i can't show any respect for you

all you who seem so mighty
so strong and bold and pure
you are like whitewashed tombs
deceiving others with your lure

i won't be misleaded by your glance
Track Name: All is to be had
In here there s nothing that compares
Priceless endless strength to give

And in just a moment of clarity
all is to be had
All is offered
Take it, take him

Recharge, rebreath, relive
what was wasted before
and in just a moment of clarity
All is to be had
Track Name: Manipulate
use the right words
push the people once more
turn the volume up
play some touching chords

does it feel good
this kind of power?
does it feel good
when you play with them?

does it feel good
when they follow your words?
does it feel good
when you control them?

is this what jesus meant?
No - think for yourself
is this what god wants us to be?
No – walk your own way
is this what jesus meant?
No – say your own prayer
is this how god wants us to be?
No – meet him each day

that's why it's called:
мpersonal relationship with god“

jesus was bout freedom
jesus meant real liberty
leading people away from all
what kept them in any boundaries

your system of religious meetings
is bout people staying children in faith
it means bein' dependent on your leader
your preacher and the words he's sayin'

as if they need some extra push
by the worship band
as if they need you to meet jesus
or to take his hand
as if they need some extra words
to feel that he's here
as if they need you to contact him

stay away from me - stay away from me!
Track Name: In this i submit
In thoughtlessness i loose myself
Living other worlds, escape the now
in here i am invincible
Makes me dull, soften my edge

I feel the need to waste
feel temptation overcome
deliverance is just another attempt
to make excuse for today

Theres only one way out.

I surrender, i embrace your guiding hand
the best you want for me is all i need
In this i place my trust, in this i submit
Track Name: Still dead
you felt so clean
and boring, too
so you did
what they all do
drank a lot
met some girls beds
tried some dope
still you're not glad
acted wild
tough and cool
praised the way
of breaking rules
getting all fears
out of your head
ranting bout life
but feeling dead
you're feeling so dead inside
you feel you've lost your life
and there's no light to find

only darkness inside
this world is
so full of lies
it wont be there
when your heart cries
its promises
are full of crap
its so called life
is so darn dead
and i am not
talking bout laws
bout dos and donts
or bein' a bore
but ask yourself
in all you tried
did you find peace
peace inside?
you're feeling so dead inside
you feel you've lost your life
and there's no light to find

only darkness inside
Track Name: The healing
i don't know
why lazarus first had to die
then was resurrected
while stephen didn't come back to life
i don't know
why some people were healed
and others passed away
and why christ said „i was sick and you visited me“

and even john the baptist died
not much older than jesus
and even though being his relative
he stayed in his grave

but i'm sure that death and sickness
are not sent by god
but part of this fallen world
that is wrecked and destroyed
bred by the killer
who hates gods creation
and so often it's us who invent
things that make us sick or dyin'

and i am sure that jesus
wants to grant his healing
as he did back then
when he was a human being
and i am sure that christ
wants to raise the dead
so let us be faithful
and trust in his love
Track Name: Unholy
I take it all back
all the malice in my mind
Death in my coil
Hate in my heart

I take it all back, turning it around
create rather than destroy
In your name lord
i will clear myself of all unholy
Track Name: Amok
get out of my way
cause i lost all control
better step aside
or you might get hurt

i never wanted this
but i can't change it anymore
betrayed my ideals
broke my vows

i run amok... amok

only christ can renew what i destroyed
Track Name: If it wasn't for christ...
full of crap
full of darkness
failure forever
no chance to prevail

thank god
he doesn't see me this way
but i do
oh yeah i do

no discipline
big talkin but no consequences

fallin down again
betrayin my principles

if it wasn't for christ
i couldn't stand this life

aware of having been a jerk
so many times

god may be merciful
but sometimes i can't forgive myself at all
Track Name: Always
a see a bright and sunny day
the horizon's dressed in gold
good things will surely come my way
yeah i believe what i've been told
you will always care for me
in your presence i will be
it's not important where i am
cause you travel in my heart
no matter where my feet may walk
you and i wont be apart
you will always stay with me
in your presence i will be
jesus only you remain
everthing else - it's in vain
Track Name: Ton Steine Dutschke
Tolstoi was a christian
Dutschke believed too
and Ton Steine Scherben
quoted the bible in their lyrics sheet

and what about liberation theology
or the catholic workers movement?
even Ensslin read the word of god
did i mention Bonhoeffer and Scholl?

so dont bore me
with your lies
that christians
cant be part of the fight 2x

against unjustice
and oppression

who are you
to decide?

who are you
to segregate us?

while we could stand
side by side

we could have fought side by side
Track Name: Thanks
thanks to our friends
who supported us
and thanks to those punks
who didnt judge
but took their time
and got to know us

thanks to the studios
where we recorded tracks
thanks to the zines
who reacted relaxed
thanks to the people
booking shows for us

and thanks to jesus christ
for whom we're doin' this stuff
thanks to the father
who provides us with his love
thanks to the spirit
who gives hope to our lifes